MED-PHARES Kick-off meeting

In the framework of the project MED-PHARES, SPNL participated in the kick-off meeting that took place in Cagliari- Sardinia on the 23rd and 24th in April.

This meeting was an opportunity for all the partners to meet for the first time and to discuss the chronogram, the work packages and the ENPI rules and procedures for the management of the project.


MED-PHARES is a two years project funded by the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument – Cross Border Cooperation for the Mediterranean (ENPI- CBCMED) and engaging partners from France, Tunisia , Lebanon and the project’s leader ACC (Agenzia conservatoria delle coste della Sardegna).

MED-PHARES, the “Integrated Management Strategies for the development of the lighthouses and semaphores in the Mediterranean” will contain the main activities:


  • Identification and analysis of approximately 840 coastal buildings related to maritime signaling in the Mediterranean.

  • Creation of a detailed database for the entire catalogued area.

  • Technical analysis of nine pilot sites (selected by partners) focusing on the history , the architecture, the state of conservation , the geological and geotechnical characteristics , the socio -economic and cultural context.

  • Organization of workshops and training courses .

  • Preparation of a toolkit to share a common methodology for the use of coastal heritage.

  • Implementation of pilot projects for the rehabilitation of the coastal buildings.

  • Development of promotional tools for the pilot sites (including billboards, applications for Smartphone, e -book) .

In addition to the involvement in all the above-mentioned activities, SPNL will be in charge of the capitalization package of MED-PHARES,

beyond the project implementation period.


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