News in Photos: Exploring the trail of Hima Aitaniet

A group of experts explored the trail of Hima Aitaniet. On 22 December 2017 Aitanite’s municipal council voted for a decree to declare the village as Hima. The municipal council, led by M. Assaad Najem, was proactive in declaring part of the municipal land as Hima for sustainable use such as ecotourism, responsible hunting, and grazing.

This marks the 4th Hima at the eastern slopes of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve (SBR), West Beqaa (Khirbet Qanafar, Ain Zebdeh, Qaraoun, and Aitanit). This initiative was facilitated by SPNL partner “Cooperation Without Borders” (CWB), a Lebanese non-governmental organization aiming to promote inclusive local economic development in rural areas.

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