On the Move: We Need Your Help

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Join us in this unique photography project to support the nomadic shepherds who maintain a way of life that benefits the environment.


On the Move

The Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture is a group of reputable Non-Profit organizations (DiversEarth, WWF North Africa, Doga Dernegi, Med-INA, Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, Trashumancia y Naturaleza) working in the Mediterranean to support ordinary people who make a difference for nature – just by the way they live their lives.

DiversEarth and the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture are putting together a traveling photography exhibition on transhumance and nomadic pastoralism.

The exhibition preparations are in full swing, with a few of the venues already confirmed (very exciting) and some of the photographers already on their mission. We now need YOUR help to make this venture even more fantastic than it already is!

 We have launched an Indiegogo campaign for this project, and would be so grateful if you could help us out: There are of course lovely perks and thank yous to those fab people who do! Thank you for taking the time to help our campaign.

We are currently trying to help the transhumant shepherds and nomadic pastoralists in the Mediterranean since they hold so many keys to shaping a sustainable future. We first of all want to celebrate them and their extraordinary ecological knowledge through a professional photography exhibition and book that will capture the spirit of their lives. 

Professional photographers from each sub-region (Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, West Asia, Turkey and Greece & Balkans) have been engaged in this exciting project. The exhibition will be shown later in the year, and 2015, in Geneva (Switzerland), Tunis, Istanbul, Beirut and Athens! And our coffee table book will pull it all together.


What We Need & What You Get

We need funding:

– to ensure the highest quality exhibition (which will be launched in some of the most prestigious exhibition centers and museums in the Mediterranean, as well as the celebrated Natural History Museum in Geneva, Switzerland)

– to support On the Move’s travel to the various Mediterranean centers

– to produce a beautiful coffee table book, the proceeds of which will go back into the technical projects that will help support this cause

We have organised a number of perks for you, and would appreciate however much you can afford to give. Thank you!

The Impact

Transhumant shepherds and nomadic pastoralists move their domestic herds for miles, adapting to the climate and availability of food and water. This process is a wonderful example of how people really can live in harmony with nature. Yet they are rarely given the recognition they deserve and in most cases they face growing hardship and their lifeways are becoming more and more threatened.

Through this project we aim to reinforce traditional practices, techniques and ways of living such as this, as well as celebrating the ingenuity of people all across the Mediterranean to protect and manage their lands, waters and resources. We hope that you can join us today and contribute to a real revival of such practices so that they remain – or become – robust enough to stand their ground in the 21st century.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help financially but would like to show your support for this cause, there are always many ways of getting involved. Just get in touch with us through our websites.

DiversEarth: www.diversearth.org

The Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture: www.medconsortium.org

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