Horned lark feeding on a grasshopper. July 2016, Al Arz, Lebanon

Richard Prior Letter to His Excellency President General Michel Aoun

Your Excellency,
May I congratulate you on your statement regarding the need to halt the excessive killing of migratory and resident birds in Lebanon and your general call for a greater respect for your country’s environment.
As I hope you have already heard, your statement has been widely well received and recognised around the world by many nature conservation organisations and I sincerely hope that heads of state and lawmakers of other countries that share this problem will follow your example. Your statement will greatly help and encourage those, such as the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), who continue to work to safeguard Lebanon’s environment.
I write as author of the newly published guide to 200 Common Birds of Lebanon (published by SPNL in English and Arabic) and as someone who dearly loves your beautiful country and its hospitable people. I have fond memories of my two years’ working as a conservationist on the Skaff estate in West Bekaa for A Rocha Lebanon, protecting the Aammiq Marsh and educating children about the need to protect your country’s environment for the benefit of its wildlife and ultimately its people. 
Respectfully yours

 Richard Prior *

Author of 

A Guide to 200 Common Birds of Lebanon


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