Selection of SPNL Monitoring Sites in West Bekaa Region- M6 Project

Several meetings with the municipalities of Hima Kherbet Kanafar, Ain Zebdeh, and Aitanit took place between May and June, 2018 in order to explain to the relevant stakeholders about the scientific component of the project and specifically the monitoring of the selected biodiversity indicators that will take place for three consecutive years starting 2018 by the national experts . Further, several field visits to the above mentioned Hima sites took place, in presence of the ornithologist and SPNL scientific advisor, Dr. Ghassan Jarradi in order to identify the sites where monitoring will be carried out.

12 sites were identified on the eastern slopes of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and specifically in Hima Kherbet Kanafar and Aitanit, in addition to 9 common sites between SPNL and ACS.
Under the first Farmland Type “Agricultural Terraces”, 9 sites were identified:
– 3 under the subtype “Low Input Production (olives under rainfed)”
– 3 under the subtype “Intensive production Irrigated (Apples)”
– 3 under the subtype “Abandonment”
The 4th subtype “Restored pilot terraces with multi-crop production including native edible trees, shrubs, and herbs” is considered as a common subtype for SPNL and ACS and the 3 selected sites are to be monitored by ACS field team.
Under the second Farmland Type “Transhumance Livestock Management”, 3 sites were identified:
– 3 under the subtype “Non-regulated Livestock Management in Low Mountain Area to be restored”
As for the other 2 subtypes “High Mountain SBR core zone Area with Absence of Livestock” and Non-Regulated Livestock Management in High Mountain Area (outside the SBR, with similar conditions)” are also considered to be common subtypes with ACS, whereby the 6 selected sites are to be monitored by ACS field team.

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