Snow program hosts the Third Voice for Lebanon in Hima Kfarzabad

On Saturday January 16, 2016 the Third voice for Lebanon remitted the prize for the winners in the frame of the inter school competition launched in celebration of the International day of peace.

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SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) – SNOW program gracefully offered and organized a day in the Bekaa valley (Kfarzabad).


SPNL educational program SNOW- School with No Walls , aims to raise awareness about the Himas, IBAs and KBA, species and ecosystems through the hands on program, and learning through fun.

The day comprised a multitude of activities that promote the love of nature, the importance of working in unity and respecting each other. All for awakening the senses of building Peace properly on solid bases.

The day started with a quick breakfast then the ride to the Bekaa with explanations on the way.
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Then a welcoming word to the entire team followed by a quick briefing of the day. A walk in nature including bird watching, nature observation of trees and plants, and listening to the soothing, meditative sounds of nature.

Activities for team building followed, proving the importance of working together and working for the same goal. Watering the trees concluded the first part of the day.


A generous homemade lunch carefully prepared by Oum Khalil our guide’s mom. Fresh fattoush (salad) and a delicious ouzi (stuffed turkey with meat, rice and nuts). And to finish a homemade sfouf (cake).

After the break more nature activities were on the agenda. A session of archery, in which everyone got to experience the bow and arrow on a target. Planting a poplar tree was an exciting experience for all as well.


Finally a boat trip in the Anjar river during which a little story reading from the SPNL book that was distributed to everyone, about the village’s successful efforts to save the otters that live in the river from extinction.

A heartfelt goodbye promising to apply everything experienced and learned and to come back for more visits.

Special thanks goes to André Béchara and Maguy Nasser Hage along with the entire SPNL crew and all the team who contributed to making this experience lovingly unforgettable.


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