SPNL achievements in the Hunting Sector

Sustainable Hunting Project:

  • Regional basis:
    • Development of “guidelines for hunting management”, to be adapted on national basis.
    • Development of “Code of Practice for hunters”.
    • Development of “Synthesis reports” on the issue of hunting.
  • National:
    • Development of “Country National Report” on hunting.
    • Coordination a “National Hunter Survey” (gathering data on hunting sector).
    • Development of draft application decrees for the hunting law.
    • Development of awareness material (Pamphlets addressing hunters on game birds & on globally threatened birds).
    • Printing of the “Arabic Field Guide”.
    • Development of “Educational manual/CD” addressed to school children 8-12 years old, and training around 200 – 250 school teachers on its use.
    • Organizing conflict resolution sessions between different stakeholders involved in hunting.
    • Training courses on bird identification & conservation issues to Law Enforcement Officers-LEOs.

Migratory Soaring Bird Project

  • Representing the conservation NGOs in the Hunting Higher Council for 2 terms.
  • Supporting in the development of application decrees for the hunting law 580/2004.
  • Preparing GIS maps for MSB species flyways, hunting hotspots, and the protected areas in Lebanon.
  • Development of “soaring bird atlas”, “field guide for MSBs”, and “manual for bird identification”.
  • Development of the “Hunter Guide” that covers safety, hunter ethics & responsibility, and conservation.
  • Development of Questions & Answers in parallel with the

“Hunter Guide”

  • Training Educational Coordinators from the Ministry of Education for the use of the Educational Manual/CD.
  • Training Law Enforcement Officers-LEOs on bird

identification, conservation, and the hunting law.

  • Organizing a National Training on the identification of Migratory Soaring Bird species with Mr. Richard Porter.
  • Preparing reports on relation between hunting & soaring birds, analysis of sub-threats of hunting, and report on hunting stakeholders and organizations.
  • Preparing a report on national policies and legislations related to hunting management in Lebanon.
  • Preparing a business plan for hunting management in Lebanon.
  • Conducting a survey assessing the relation of hunting to livelihood of people and the impact of the MSB project.
  • Development of “Status of Birds in Lebanon”.

MAVA BirdLife Capacity Building Project

  • Development of training program for hunters based on the “Hunter Guide” (in order to enable them to pass the hunting exam for the license).
  • Development of an online quiz as atrial for the hunter before the actual exam (based on the Questions & Answers developed).
  • Launching of an Arabic Interactive Website addressed mainly to hunters.
  • Social media addressing hunters

Birds of the Middle East



CEPF LEF Sustainable Hunting Project

  • Development of awareness material addressed to LEF conservation NGOs :

  • website on sustainable hunting www.responsiblehunting.org

  • Short film on status of hunting in Lebanon

  • Four posters (on game species ; permits, safety measures ; RHA concept)

  • awareness leaflet covering above 4 themes

  • Mobile app addressing conservation NGOs

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/lb/app/responsible-hunting/id1032369115?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.omar.lef&hl=en

  • Initiation of studies for 1st model RHA (EIA, management and monitoring plan, business plan….)


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