SPNL Embarks to Promote Sustainable Grazing in Lebanon

SPNL will soon initiate a new project with MAVA Foundation under the title of “Assessing and Supporting Cultural Conservation Practices in the Mediterranean Basin”. The project will be implemented in the whole Mediterranean basin with participants from North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, where SPNL will be responsible for assessing the status of grazing in the near east region (Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan).

In addition, SPNL will initiate a detailed field research funded by the CEPF, in the village of Jdeidet El-Fekha, in the Anti-Lebanon Mountain range in an attempt to study the status of grazing in that area, and to put forward a future plan to stand as a pilot case study for sustainable grazing in Lebanon. Simultaneously, SPNL will organize a national workshop on sustainable grazing, in the presence of local and regional experts in the field to share information on that topic and to come up with a 5 year plan to link sustainable grazing with ecotourism in Lebanon.

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