SPNL is monitoring migrating birds possibly infected with H5N1

SPNL Director and Birdlife International Global Councillor Assad Serhal was alerted of a mass killing of around 6000 Common Crane and at least 10,000 appear to be ailing at Hula Nature Reserve by Birdlife International. The suspected cause is that birds are infected with the new H5N1 avian flu.
That means almost half of the population of Common Crane that migrates yearly between North Africa and the Black Sea over Lebanon especially that pass over the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBBAs) and Himas.
The warning was given by SPNL’s Fish and Wildlife Unit to Litani Rivers Authorities.

SPNL monitored today Lake Qaraoun and several areas in West Bekaa, so far no dead birds are reported by SPNL team from the named areas. The Union of Municipalities was alerted to keep a watchful eye for any signs of dead birds.
Hunters and farmers and citizens, in general, are asked not to touch any dead bird if they find it and to prohibit any hunting of birds, and to report directly to authorities any dead domestic or wild migrating birds.
H5N1 is presenting like the opposite of COVID. Compared to COVID, the chances of [humans] catching this are very, very slight—but unlike COVID, the risks of dying from it if you do catch it are very high.
Over half a billion migrating birds pass through Lebanon every year, heading for warm African winters or balmy European summers.

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