SPNL Publications Calendar: 2014


SPNL has been producing guides, manuals and action plans in several environmental themes for over 30 years.

Our guidance is written by experts who have interpreted changes to legislation so that the resulting

publications will support you in your daily role. We are standard setters and our thought leadership is

helping to transform organizations both in Lebanon and around the world.

Alongside our annual updates, we also produce a range of titles from eco-tourism to sustainable grazing and hunting.

During 2014, SPNL will produce the following publications:

1- MSB Eco-tourism strategy and action plan.

2- Bird identification manual.

3- Soaring bird atlas including species maps.

4- Soaring bird field guide.

5- Sustainable grazing/pastoralism strategy/action plan.

6- Guidance material for management of PHAs.

7- Field guide for plants of Fakiha region.



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