New Hima in Ain Zebdeh-Kherbet Anafar in Bekaa Valley

SPNL has started collaborating with the private sector in Lebanon in its mission to protect the environment. Recently, SPNL initiated a partnership with the West Bekaa Country Club and established on its premises the first sustainable hunting center in the Middle East. In this context, SPNL also partnered with Sayd Magazine to launch a series of training sessions and calendar events to hunters across Lebanon on sustainable hunting.


Through these initiatives, two new Himas were born in the West Bekaa region, in the villages of Ain Zebdeh and Kherbet Anafar

The two neighbor villages in the Bekaa Valley, are located on the Eastern slopes of the Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve, overlooking the Bekaa Valley and Mount Hermon in the south. It is also under the main migration flyway for soaring & water birds, a bottleneck area situated in the middle of the Shouf Cedar Reserve, Ammiq wetlands, and Qaraoun Lake (All identified & approved IBAs), a resting & breeding site for a large number of threatened & endangered birds & others mammals, & flora, situated at the narrowest Lebanese territory between Mount Hermon & Mount Lebanon, which makes it one of our top priority sites for conservation & hima revival in Lebanon.


Much thanks to the municipalities of Kherbet Anafar and Ain Zebdeh for this great opportunity to establish a Hima in the region, which will mainly focus on promoting sustainable use of natural resources, as well as eco-tourism activities.

For more information about the new Hima kindly visit this page


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