SPNL Volunteer Monitoring Migrating Cranes in USA

Ghazi Rifai, SPNL volunteer took the initiative to monitor migrating cranes while refueling in his front yard, for their long journey between south and North America.

Last year Ghazi sent us a picture while he was feeding the cranes.  This year the Cranes came back with a couple of fledglings birdie Cranes.

Lead by ornithologist Nabil Khairallah , SPNL team documented over 60.000 cranes migrating together in March 2004 over the Hima/ IBA EbelEsaqi in southern Lebanon, from their wintering grounds in Africa to the Black Sea. An amazing site witnessed and heard by the hima community, and eco-tourist from Lebanon and abroad.

In North America Cranes continue to suffer from low numbers and are far short of establishing a self-sustaining population.

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