SPNL’s Current and Post COVID-19 Action Planning

Mount Lebanon Hima Center- MLHC team led by its Director Jamal Hamzeh organized, today, an action planning workshop for SPNL team members who are leading on the different programmes and centers. The main aim of the workshop was to analyze the unforeseen challenge of COVID-19 and come up with a cumulative, realistic, and achievable three-month work plan for the five different programmes provided by SPNL; focusing on environmental education, youth empowerment and capacity building, rural development/enterprises, environmental friendly agricultural practices, and ecotourism (SNOW, Homat Al Hima, Souk Al Hima, Hima Farm, and Hima to Hima). The developed work plan was based on the contemporary challenges and opportunities in order to best fit the current critical situation and improve the adaptation capacity of SPNL conservation and community development centers in Mount Lebanon and West Bekaa regions.

The participatory workshop started by analyzing the pros and cons of the current and post COVID-19 pandemic implications globally and locally in regard to SPNL work, highlighting possible opportunities in environmental and food economy sustainability. Then, a PowerPoint Presentation on action planning and its significance was presented, whereby afterward the team members started the process of critical thinking. SMART activities under each programme were suggested and agreed on by the team with specific timeline and assigned roles and responsibilities.
A follow-up meeting will be organized ta a later stage to assess and evaluate activities implementation and progress.

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