The future of forest conservation goes digita

With many countries in lockdown, conservationists are finding new ways to fight deforestation and support communities that live in tropical forest landscapes. BirdLife’s Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator is back for 2020 and kicks things off at a ground-breaking digital conference


By Shaun Hurrell

Despite the global pandemic, which has brought many of us to a halt, conservationists are continuing their vital work in tropical forest landscapes. Forest loss continues, and so we are putting renewed energy into tackling one of conservation’s biggest problems: sustainable funding – even if it means more work from behind a computer.

BirdLife has had remarkable success in securing legal protection for vast and threatened forests, yet cutting-edge solutions are needed now more than ever to help alleviate pressure on forests in the long-term. This work involves a ‘landscape approach’, in which the competing demands for land-use (food, wildlife, livelihoods, restoration etc) must be balanced in a way that is best for the environment and human well-being – now, without compromising the future.

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