How To Begin Composting If You Don’t Know Where To Start

As part of a micro-project funded by TDV, AFD, and FFEM, SPNL organized a training session on composting in SPNL’s newly established HHIC center in West Bekaa on Thursday 28/5/2020

The session was conducted by Maher Osta SPNL’s wetland expert, project initiator and manager, and attended by fourteen persons.

A PowerPoint presentation emphasized the dangers of pollution to the waterways in the West Bekaa region, Ammiq Wetland, the Litany river, and the Quaraoun lake, and explained the importance of those areas for biodiversity and as a stopover and resting place for migratory birds.

The attendees then went to the nearby village of Mansoura where they witnessed first hand how the thermal composting of cow manure proses is taking place, and how cow manure can be turned into grade A compost instead of being left to pollute the important waterways in the area. They also checked the results of using compost to regain the fertility of the land and grow vegetable crops without any use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides.

At least three more training like this one will be conducted in the following weeks.

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