Stuck at home? Go green

SPNL member and project manager for a micro project in West Beqaa concerning making grade A compost from dairy cow manure Maher Osta, found himself stuck at home to avoid contracting the COVID19 Coronavirus, like most other people around the world.
Chance has it that Maher previously stocked at his home two large bags of the compost produced by the project in order to give as samples to agricultural engineers for testing. As the crisis progressed in Lebanon, he decided to put the compost to good use.

Using things like discarded plant pots, reclaimed plastic cups, and cut-up water bottles, he created a rooftop garden and planted vegetable greens like cabbage, lettuce, rocket, radishes, tomatoes, kale, coriander, peas, basil, and micro-greens.

Maher says that this has kept him occupied and exercised. Plus this rooftop garden is providing some highly nutritious, fresh, organic salad greens for him and his family in a time when they need it most.
He even says that only the fresh smell and feel of earth on his hands is enough to relieve the stress of being stuck at home listening to the news and counting the new coronavirus cases.
Nature will always be there for us in times of need. Stop nature bankruptcy.

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