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Kherbet Qanafar hosts the closing ceremony of “Enhancing livelihoods of Lebanese communities in Hima territories”

The Society for The Protection of Nature in Lebanon organized a closing ceremony for the European Union-funded project entitled “Enhancing livelihoods of Lebanese communities in Hima territories; from social, economic and natural perspectives” which lasted for three years. The project was implemented in the Bekaa region, namely Anjar/Kfarzabad, El Fekha and Ain Zebdeh/Kherbet Qanafar. Mr. Gianandrea Villa, the responsible for …

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From Hima to Hima – covering the Bekaa Area

“From Hima to Hima – covering the Bekaa Area” is an ecotouristic model, initiated by SPNL, aiming to link the different Hima sites in the Bekaa region. It highlights the natural, cultural and social values embedded within the Hima areas which are managed by the local community; the custodians of the land. This booklet provides you with a snapshot of …

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News in Photos: Birds of Lebanon and the Middle East

Fouad Itani is a professional nature photographer from Beirut, Lebanon. He lives in Dubai,UAE. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Fouad is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from Lebanon and the middle east. He publish his photos on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/birdsoflebanon …

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A Planning Meeting for Hima El-Fakiha (Anti-Lebanon Range)

SPNL organized a planning meeting for Hima El-Fakiha on Thursday July 18 2013, ensuring the participation of the main stakeholders mainly municipality, CREADEL NGO, and SPNL. Five main economic sectors have been identified in the region namely: hunting, grazing, ecotourism, water, and agriculture. Further, importance of organizing annual awareness events has been highlighted where involvement of women has been stressed. …

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