News in Photos: Birds of Lebanon and the Middle East

Fouad Itani is a professional nature photographer from Beirut, Lebanon. He lives in Dubai,UAE. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Fouad is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from Lebanon and the middle east.

He publish his photos on Facebook page

Common Moorhen

Name: Common Moorhen
Binomial name: Gallinula chloropus
Family: Rallidae
Size: 37cm
Diet: Fish, invertebrates , crustaceans, worms
Distribution: Heavily vegetated areas of freshwater lakes

Tawny pipit

Name: Tawny pipit
Binomial name: Anthus campestris
Family: Motacillidae
Size: 16 cm
Diet: Insects
Distribution: open country near water

Collared Dove

Name: Collared Dove
Binomial name: Streptopelia decaocto
Family: Columbidae
Size: 28 cm
Diet:grain, seeds, shoots and insects
Distribution: Open plains, woods, and open country with scattered trees, also close to human habitation

Common stonechat

Name: Common stonechat
Binomial name: Saxicola torquatus
Family: Muscicapidae
Size: 13 cm
Diet: Insects, and berries
Distribution: woodlands, especially near water


Common Snipe

Name: Common Snipe
Binomial name: Gallinago gallinago
Family: Scolopacidae
Size: 26 cm
Diet: Small prey, and insects
Distribution: Fresh water wetlands such as swamps and lakes

Crested Lark

Name: Crested Lark

Binomial name: Galerida cristata
Family: Alaudidae
Size: 17cm
Diet: Grains and seeds
Distribution: Dry, and open country


Great White Egret

Name: Great White Egret
Binomial name: Egretta Alba
Family: Ardeidae
Size: 100 cm
Diet: Fish, insects, amphibians, crustaceans, and reptiles
Distribution: Wetlands and ponds

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