Wings & Waves – SPNL’s Newsletter February 2015


Wings & Waves - SPNL's Newsletter September 2014
Wings & Waves – SPNL’s Newsletter February 2015

Japanese Ambassador `s observation

How should we tackle natural conservation of Lebanon?

Seiichi Otsuka *

The East Mediterranean Coastal area, a cradle of the civilizations, is blessed with nature. But this nature is endangered. Nowadays we can observe that the growth range of the Lebanese Cedars has diminished. The Lebanese Cedars is historically recorded as resource used for wooden ships sustaining the Phoenician seaborne trade. The conservation of the Lebanese Cedars is therefore essential for not only Lebanon but also the world as common heritage.

* The Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon


World Wetlands Day 2015

Act now to prevent, stop, and reverse wetland loss

Latest research shows that 64% of wetlands worldwide have been lost since 1900, and that 76% of populations of freshwater plants and animals have disappeared in the last 40 years alone (according to the WWF’s Living Planet report), which is worse than any other ecosystem.

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UK #BirdFair 2015 theme announced #StopTheSlaughter in the Eastern Mediterranean

At the same time Birdfair also revealed details of their latest fund raising project, ‘Hope for migratory birds in the Eastern Mediterranean: action against illegal killing’. The aim of the project will be to reduce the scale and impact of illegal killing of migratory birds, and to improve protection and laws throughout the region.

Syria and Lebanon latest signatories to CMS Raptor MOU

This MOU will assist Lebanon to commit to a clear road map to protect key migratory raptor species

Lebanon is considered a bottleneck country lying in the heart of the Rift Valley Red Sea flyway and witnessing the tremendous migration of millions of soaring birds, the majority of them being raptors.

The MSB project advocacy efforts in 2014 were rewarded when both Syrian and Lebanese governments signed the CMS Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia (Raptors MOU), which brings the total number of signatories to 50.


#ImportantBirdArea of the Month: Jabal Moussa Mountain, Lebanon
The site is a mountain which extends westwards from the main Mount Lebanon chain along the edge of the Nahr Ibrahim, just to the west of Jabal Aalmat on the opposite side of the river.
A story of change

Women Empowerment in Hima Al-Qoleileh

Tala Moukaddem *

SPNL is implementing project titled “Promoting Hima Women Empowerment for Conservation and Livelihood” and funded by UN Women Fund for Gender Equality. The project aims to improve women livelihood through acquired skills and better income opportunities in Hima Sites including Hima Anjar, Hima Kafar- Zabad, Hima El- Fekha. Himas of Qoleileh Mansouri.

*Project Manager – SPNL

One of the women, Aazab Hassoun, caught my attention. She stepped in, un-invited and simply decided to stay and join the women in the training. At first, she was struggling the most in starting her first bracelet. However, she was very persistent and keen on learning the technique needed. As a result, after 30 min of struggling, she was finally able to make her first bracelet and then she was able to do three of them faster than all the other participants. She then left before the training was over and seemed like she was in a hurry taking with her some extra threads and material. When the training session was over and as I was leaving, I spotted Aazab sitting in front of her grocery shop facing the municipality and still making bracelets.

We want you to Spring Alive for birds this year

Soon, migratory birds will be arriving in Europe and Asia from their wintering grounds in Africa. Nature is getting ready for their arrival; are you?


Check the Spring Alive events calendar and birds events map on the website to go to an event near you.

News in Photos 

A flock of starlings – Ammiq Wetland 


A flock of starlings is seen as they perform their traditional dance fly before landing to sleep during the sunset near Ammiq Wetland, Bekaa Valley.


News in Photos

Birds of Lebanon and the Middle East 

Fouad Itani is a professional nature photographer from Beirut, Lebanon. He lives in Dubai,UAE. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat.

He publish his photos on Facebook page

With the Support of Mava Foundation 

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