Hima Aanjar

Hima Aanjar was announced in 2008, it constitutes of wetlands, agricultural/forest lands, and the Western Anti-Lebanon Mountains. This area has a variety of important globally threatened species such as Syrian Serin bird, turtles, Common Otter, and swamp cats; in addition to its distinctive flora.

Aanjar includes important archaeological sites, most notably Aanjar Castle that is classified as a World heritage site.

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Activities to be done:

  • Cultural visit to the World Heritage Site of Aanjar Castle and trying to find the Syrian Serin bird in the protected forest, inside the walls of the archeological sites.

  • Cultural tour in the village discovering the Armenian Settlement in Aanjar, the handicraft, the food…

  • Bird watching at the protected forest of the Hima.

  • Tour on bicycles or on donkeys with different lengths at the agricultural fields, in addition to agro-tourism activities.

  • Hiking to the upper cave and panoramic view to the Bekaa valley.

  • Educational tour, learning about the water cycle, the marshes ecosystems, the cave ecosystems, the agricultural seasonal crops, the fauna and the flora, the endangered species, reforestation and plant conservation.Hima Anjar - Kfar Zabad

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