Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When You Go Bird Watching in Lebanon

Lebanon is covered by mountainous terrain, and it lies in the east side of the Mediterranean Sea. It has diversified habitats and is a favorable location for birds. It attracts around 300 different kinds of birds. In Lebanon, you can watch endangered species like Social Lapwing and the Imperial Eagle. There are quite a few designated sites for birding, and you will be in awe to watch the different species soaring high in the sky. Plan your next trip to Lebanon and remember these few things in mind:

Favorable season

The appropriate time to visit Lebanon for birding is mid of September till the mid of October. You can also visit early March till the mid of April. You have the opportunity to watch a good number of species of birds during these spring seasons and the fall seasons.

Nature Reserves

There are a certain number of nature reserves of Lebanon that are designated as international IBAs (Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas) to safeguard the migrating and rare species. Around 5000 storks and 3000 cranes can be seen in the Ramlieh Valley and Bentael Forest Nature Reserve during migration season. Aammiq Wetland is a 100-hectare wetland. An important route for migrating birds, Aammiq Wetland is Lebanon’s biggest wetland. Palm Island is a nature reserve where endemic sea turtles lay their eggs. The Palm Island and Al Shouf Cedar reserve are recognized by the Birdlife International as a significant area for birds. The Tyre Coastal Nature Reserve and Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve are also important areas for bird watching.

Binoculars and Telescopes

There are so many important areas in Lebanon recognized by the International Birdlife that you do not want to miss watching any rare species. Binoculars and Telescopes are your companions in this birders paradise. There are a variety of endemic species and rare species like Syrian Serin, Palestinian Sunbird, certain kind of raptors and water birds that you certainly want to see them as close as possible with your viewing equipment. You can check the best binoculars for under $200 to decide on which one to choose.


Your camera is as important as carrying your binoculars or telescopes in this beautiful country of Lebanon. You can capture the amazing and beautiful species soaring high in the sky. You can see these pictures later and identify the birds you have never seen before. These pictures will also be a part of your records or collection of photographs that you can upload them on your social media sites. It will be good to encourage and connect with other birders in the social media community.


There are trained guides and tour operators who can take you on birding treks and hikes. They will take you to nature reserves and will show you different kinds of birds that you don’t want to miss watching. You can check at your hotel, search online, or contact the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon to book tour guides for bird watching.

It will be beneficial if you read the Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East. It will give you information about the birds you can expect to see. Also, you can make a list of the places you should visit for bird watching in Lebanon.

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