Hunters during the training session

Training Sessions on the New Hunting Law at SPNL

A training session for hunters took place at SPNL’s office on Wednesday 14th of August promoting sustainable hunting practices in an attempt to conserve the birds of Lebanon. This training session serves to help the hunters recognize the game birds, increase their awareness about the necessary safety measures during hunting, enhance their knowledge about the new hunting law in Lebanon, in addition to sharing experiences and knowledge amongst the attendees. Seven hunters, with an age range between 28 and 40, attended the first of a series of training sessions. The participants actively participated and expressed their thoughts and opinions about sustainable hunting, but lack of knowledge about sustainable and responsible hunting among some of the participants was evident.

In conclusion, it was a fruitful workshop, because they showed initiative to even assist in spreading awareness. An interesting point was highlighted during the session about the soldiers who sit at the back of the military truck, it would be appreciated that they place the muzzle of the riffle away from the cars that drive behind them hence preventing any hazard resulting by accident. Last but not least, the hunters tried the online quiz on the “Sayd Magazine” website in order to check their acquired. Afterwards, a certificate was given to them, not only as a means of appreciation but as an encouragement for their interest in the spread of sustainable hunting throughout Lebanon.

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