Waterbury joins SPNL Homat al-Hima Activity in Anjar-Kfarzabad Hima

Dr . John Waterbury, former AUB President, visited Hima Anjar Kfarzabad in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon, accompanied by Dr. Ghassan Jaradi for bird watching in the Hima sites.

During the visit Dalia Jawhary, Hima Programme manager introduced Dr. Waterbury to several SPNL  initiatives in both Anjar and Kfarzabad where He toured the Hima site in the presence of Anjar mayor Garo Pamboukian who was available to welcome Dr. Waterbury.

Significantly, Dr. Waterbury met the SPNL Homat Al Hima group who were conducting a training course on Canoeing and Safety in Water.

The objective of the HOMAT AL HIMA initiative, which was founded jointly by: John Waterbury, Ramzi Saidi and Asaad Serhal, together with people form BirdLife Int’l aims to champion and reward outstanding work of people at the HIMAs of SPNL.

SPNL is reviving the Hima approach in collaboration with municipalities in order to promote the conservation of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and conserve the sustainable use of natural resources. Accordingly, SPNL announced several Hima in Lebanon; Hima for sustainable hunting, Hima for sustainable fishing, Hima for sustainable grazing, and Hima for sustainable use of water resources.

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