Welcoming the birdhouses to Souk el-hima

If you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of being a bird-lord, it’s not too late. A new line of products was introduced to Souk el-hima, a handcrafted Birdhouses.

This is another initiative by SPNL Souk el-hima program supported by EU, aiming to empowering Hima communities & livelihood, namely Anjar/KfarZabad , Feikha , Khirbet Qanafar , and Qolieleh himas. In addition to linking their traditional and cultural heritage, to the nature and wildlife, especially endangered wildlife species.

During 2015 several workshops were initiated to train local communities on building birdhouses. The students also learned to build birdhouses as part of the educational program SNOW- School with No Walls. This educational program  aims to raise awareness about the Hima IBAs and KBA, species and ecosystems through the hands on program, and learning through fun.









On the other hand, Hicham Jamal, an artist, began making and numbering sample birdhouses in 2015. His motivation for good work has reached far and wide.

The EU project is supporting Walid Karroum, talented carpenter from West Bekaa, in order to train women on wood carving. Walid is using the above samples in order to produce birdhouses that would be marketed within “Souk Hima”. Many of his birdhouses will hopefully be seen throughout the countryside, providing shelters to protect songbird populations.










The Birdhouses was invented by the British conservationist Charles Waterton in the early 19th century to encourage more birdlife on the wildfowl and nature reserve he set up on his estate.

The diameter of the opening in a nest-box has a very strong influence on the species of birds that will use the box. Many small birds select boxes with a hole only just large enough for an adult bird to pass through. This may be an adaptation to prevent other birds from raiding it. An opening of 2.5 cm in diameter will attract Poecile palustris, Poecile montanus; an opening of 2.8 cm in diameter will attract Ficedula hypoleuca, and an opening of 3 cm in diameter will attract Parus major, Passer montanus, an opening of 3 cm in diameter will attract Passer domesticus.

With the generous support of EU, these bird houses are now available for sale at SPNL sale outlets and E- marketing portal “Souk El Hima”. The aim is income generating activities to hima local communities , conserving birds & raising awareness .

You can browse and buy Souk El Hima products by visiting this link



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