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Participate in the photo contest MED-PHARES

The main theme is the lighthouses, semaphores and maritime signaling systems of our coastline. In particular, pictures submitted in the contest must refer to one of the following geographical areas: Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon.
Participation in the competition
Participation in the competition is restricted to citizens of the partner countries of the project, and can be individual or group. In the latter case the registration form must indicate a contact person for the group. The competitor must be the owner of the submitted photo.
Registration and sending of pictures
Participants must fill out the registration form online in all its parts, providing a complete description of the work. The incompleteness of the information required constitutes the nullity of the
registration. The image must be uploaded in the section of the website dedicated to the competition in JPEG and TIFF in high resolution (min. 300 dpi, 4000×3000 pixels).
The works submitted will become part of the Conservatory of coastline, Sardinia Digital Library of the Region of Sardinia and the archive of the project partners, and will be used by the owners of the archives, quoting the author’s name, to develop information materials on the communication activities of the project MED-PHARES or other projects consistent with the theme of the competition (web pages, brochures, gadgets, panels, TV programs, educational, cultural and educational initiatives not-for-profit etc. ).
The removal from records shall be asked in writing to the operators of the archives.
It is therefore required, under penalty of exclusion, the compilation of the release for the use of the material posted (link). The cession of a recording, transmission, use and reproduction of the work here is adjusted without charge in consideration of the effect that will fall on the promotional works sent and author of the same.
Commission and evaluation criteria
The competition organizers reserve the right to exclude works that are inconsistent with the theme of the competition or bearing a defamatory or offensive. The photos will be judged permissible by users of the Facebook page of the project according to the number of “like” obtained.
Final provisions
Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the above rules. Although not specifically mentioned in this announcement, please refer to the general provisions contained in the standards
EU, national and regional regulations. Additional provisions may be issued with specific measures of the organizers of the competition.
Participants in the competition, with the inscription, authorize the organizers, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments thereto, to the processing of personal data in order to use the information sent for all needs linked to the competition and the events related.
The organizers of the competition state that:
 the personal data provided by the competitors will be treated according to the provisions of Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 (Code regarding the protection personal data) and the
current legislation on privacy;
 at any time, participants will be able to exercise their rights under Art. 7 of the Code regarding protection of personal data (access, correction, deletion, opposition to treatment)
by submitting a request to the Agency Conservatoria Of the coast – holder of data processing – with registered office via Mameli 96, 09123 Cagliari;
 cannot respond in any way of the use and / or misuse that third parties may make of the works published and / or distributed. The author (or authors) of each work submitted represent and warrant:
 to be the sole and legitimate owner of all copyrights and exploitation rights, including economic, of each work and each of its components;
 that the contents of the same do not violate any laws or regulations or the rights of third parties and in particular copyright, image rights, brands, patents for industrial inventions;
 to be responsible for the content of their work and that the work does not contain libelous items, relieving and keeping harmless the contest organizers from any claims and / or actions of third parties, from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses of any nature that may be incurred due to the content of the work and its public screening.




Rules of the photo contest.pdf

Registration and submission of pictures



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