What’s being done to address SPNL Organization Development

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) hosted today multiple events to celebrate the inauguration of its human resources package with the board, staff, and local community members.

Following the advancements that have taken place at the level of strategic planning at SPNL, the first quarter of 2021 was dedicated to design and implement a human resources package that guides the relationship between SPNL and its Staff. Between January and March, the Organization development department established a fair and objective Salary Scale to compensate employees, an Employee Handbook that sets all human resources policies and procedures, as well as a Personal Review Talk (PRT) process to enhance communication between senior management and staff, and track their personal and professional development paths.

Presented to the team end of March 2022, the outputs of HR package were discussed and endorsed by the board on 6th of May and will be effective as of June 2022. The same day, SPNL also celebrated the birthday of its Director General and Birdlife International Global Councilor Assad Serhal and his contributions to conservation of nature and Revival of the Hima. The hunter-turned-conservationist has co-founded and led SPNL for four decades, through which he has received national and international recognition and prestigious awards, including the 2018 Midori Prize, 2019 Lebanese Silver Medal, and 2020 IUCN Honorary Membership. Assad continues to be a source of inspiration for his team and associated all over the world.

More developments will follow this year to strengthen the governance and management structures at SPNL, enhance its fundraising effectiveness and establish an internal climate action plan. Organizational Development work at SPNL is supported by the Sigrid Rausing Trust (SRT) and HATCH, an initiative of Birdlife International.


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