Wings & Waves – SPNL’s Newsletter October 2014


Wings & Waves - SPNL's Newsletter September 2014
Wings & Waves – SPNL’s Newsletter October 2014

SPNL participate in the European Heritage Days in Paris

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) participated in the activities of the European Heritage Day in Paris on the 20th and 21st of September 2014 in the municipality building of the 9th district in Paris. This event took place in collaboration with the LPO, Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, and the support of the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality. Mr. Assad Serhal, Director General of SPNL, Miss Shalimar Sinno, Project Coordinator of the Grazing program at SPNL, and SPNL’s Delegate in France Mrs. Andrée Vérès attended the event representing SPNL.

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On the move exhibition: Geneva Chapter

On the Move exhibition is set to make its third stop in Geneva at the Natural History Museum… With 30’000 visitors in the month of July, On the Move promises to reach a large Swiss and international audience. For the first time, our photographers will be present to see how their work has come together. The launching of the event will be on 11 October until 30 November 2014.

At SPNL, we are passionate about the science and art of listening to and engaging with people. We also believe in the power of social media and we encourage our team to leverage technology to connect with people, stakeholders and influencers.

The world of emerging technology is always changing. These principles apply for any and all public communications platforms (both mobile and web-based). We’ve registered in a few networks below:

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SPNL Summer Camp 2014 in Hima Anjar –Kfar Zabad

Since its initiation, SPNL has always managed to merge along its various programs and projects awareness campaigns and education tools for the public. Throughout its work SPNL engaged in several awareness campaigns, produced numerous education tools and products to inform the public and deliver the desired information to its
public audience in order to elevate their awareness on environmental issues. to help meet global challenges


A new online resource, has been launched that aims to support and strengthen conservation organisations and help them to achieve – and sustain – their conservation and organisational development goals. The free online tool, created collaboratively by BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International (FFI), the Tropical Biology Association and the University of Cambridge, will help conservation organisations to build and expand on existing knowledge and skills, ultimately helping them to better accomplish their conservation goals. already contains tools, resources and case studies gathered by the world’s leading conservation NGOs from around the world. It encourages users to upload their own practical tools.

Success Story

Up to a billion birds die flying into windows

Hundreds of millions of birds die every year flying straight into windows. The locals – pigeons and seagulls – aren’t as vulnerable but migrating songbirds routinely slam into glass, lured by the reflections. Today, project By Design looks at how the creation of glass with hidden patterns is saving one songbird at a time.

This is what a bird sees in the 10-metre long experimental tunnel at the Bronx Zoo. (Jim Briggs)

This is what a bird sees in the 10-metre long experimental tunnel at the Bronx Zoo. (Jim Briggs)

Project By Design, is taking a look at some of the experiments and innovations underway to design bird friendlier glass and architecture. Skyscrapers can be killing grounds for birds, but the vast majority of deaths are from collisions with the windows of homes.

Birds and Climate Report: A Field Guide to a Warmer Future
Audubon scientists have used hundreds of thousands of citizen-science observations and sophisticated climate models to predict how birds in the U.S. and Canada will react to climate change.
Of the 588 North American bird species Audubon studied, more than half are likely to be in trouble. Our models indicate that 314 species will lose more than 50 percent of their current climatic range by 2080.

U.N. COP12 in Pyeongchang Calls for Scaling Up Action Plan to Stem Biodiversity Loss

A United Nations convention on biodiversity kicked off in the eastern city of Pyeongchang on Monday, bringing together government officials, environmentalists and businesspeople from around the world.

The Global Biodiversity Outlook report

Launched on Monday in Pyeongchang in the Republic of Korea, a year before the halfway point of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 shows that there has been significant progress towards meeting some components of the majority of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, but not enough.

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