Aitanit hosts the launching of new project for the protection of water resources through Hima approach

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Municipality of Aitanit – West Bekaa, and SPNL have held a social event in the Church playground of Aitanit on July.3.2018. The event was a launching ceremony for the project “Empowering Local communities, for Water resources Protection in West Bekaa region through Hima Approach” funded by SDC. The aim of the project is to promote conservation of West Bekaa region water resources (watershed of Chouf Mountain Landscape) through empowering local youth as leaders for change, and strengthening their relationship with their spring/river; thus creating spring/river stewardship.

The participants were SDC team and partners from Lebanon and abroad. Prior to the event, a group walked the trail from Ain to Ain which overlooks the beautiful landscape of the Bekaa Valley and Qaroun Lake and another group visited the Qaroun Lake to have a close up on it. The event started with a speech by the Mayor of Aitanit Mr. Assad Najem, Head of Swiss Cooperation in Lebanon Mr. Philipp Beutler, and Mrs. Shalimar Sinno on behalf of Mr. Assad Serhal from SPNL. The night ended with a traditional dinner prepared by the women of Aitanit accompanied by Lebanese music played by the Oud.


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