CEPF updating of the Ecosystem Profile for the Mediterranean Basin


The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund-CEPF is currently undergoing an update of the “Ecosystem Profile” for the Mediterranean Basin that would be the basis for the grant allocation in the next 5 years.

Correspondingly, The public consultation for the CEPF updating process of the Ecosystem Profile for the Mediterranean Basin has now been launched, and all stakeholders are invited to participate. We invite you and your colleagues to explore the website and offer any feedback you have.http://arcg.is/2bD1NqR

Specifically, we would like experts to review the KBA boundaries and contribute more information on the sites or trigger species occurring at the sites. This might include information that helps define KBA boundaries especially where sites are overlapping, as well as data on species that helps to confirm that a KBA is meeting the new IUCN KBA standard.


Further, please review & comment on the attached questionnaire filled for Lebanon.
Thank you for your continuous support in this process.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Looking forward to your valuable participation.
Additional information on existing Key Biodiversity Areas

Questionnaire for National Coordinators

KBA Categorization v1 LB

New KBA data template


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