Environmental Awareness to students of the Grande Lycee Franco-Libanaise Beirut

As part of Schools With No Walls – SNOW Programme, and Homat Al Hima program, in order to raise awareness of environmental consciousness for children ages 8 and above, SPNL held an outdoor session for 16 students of the Grande Lycee Franco-Libanaise Beirut about sustainable farming, nature conservation, bird watching, and ecosystem.
The students got a hands-on experience with these topics with the aiming of acquiring new outdoor skills and behavioral changes related to birds, farming, and sustainable practices. The day was divided so that the children were able to ask, acquire and sharpen their outdoor understanding.

Such outings and outdoor sessions stimulate the mind and body to bond with nature and preserve it for generations to come, by understanding its value to humans.

This action was done through the regional Egyptian Vulture NewLIFE Project, funded by the EU.

School with No Walls – SNOW Programme aim at teaching children (8 to 12 years), environmental education in an exciting and interactive way. The idea is for them to make CARING FOR NATURE part of their lives. Through this program, we promote eco-friendly behaviors and sustainable practices. Our environmental education program is also adapted to schools and adds value to any science class.
SNOW broadens children’s ecological knowledge and boosts their interest in caring for and improving the environment.
SNOW makes a significant impact on the young generation by targeting them through outdoor educational events as well as a virtual competition via social media. In order to help breaking all unnecessary boundaries and reunite our children with nature despite restrictions, SNOW offers a virtual environmental programme delivered through a customized platform designed to be used by children under the supervision of teachers and parents.

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