Photographer Fouad Itani

My name is Fouad Itani and I was born in 1981 in Beirut, Lebanon. During my childhood, I used to accompany my father on his hunting trips and ever since then I’ve developed a strong fascination for nature and wildlife.

At the age of 25, I set foot for the first time into a Gaf tree reserve in the UAE. It was humid, noisy and extremely hot. However most exciting of all were the birds. I was immediately hooked.

Then and there, I made up my mind to buy my first DSLR camera and start exploring and documenting those fascinating creatures throughout the world. And so I did. “





The semi-desert area of Ras Baalbek … A hidden Gem

The Eurasian Skylark still faces a number of threats in Lebanon

The Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (Merops persicus)

Meet The Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)

Meet the Curlews the largest waders from the Scolopacidae family to occur in Lebanon

News in Photos: The common myna is a threat to native birds


The Horned lark (Eremophila alpestris)

The European robin (Erithacus rubecula)

The Chukar Partridge (Alectoris chukar)

The Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)


The Palestine sunbird (Cinnyris osea)

The Ortolan Bunting (Emberiza Hortulana)

News in Photos: Birds of Lebanon and the Middle East


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