New Policy for Hima Anjar Water Users Association

Through the support of the MAVA Foundation and as a part of the project “Restoring Hima Ecosystems Function through promoting sustainable community-based water management system”, SPNL succeeded  to develop a water policy for the Anjar Water Users Association (WUA) which insures the sustainable management of water resources and improved management of the Anjar spring.

Around 6 policy workshop were organized in Anjar WUA office, where it was lead by Dr. Elias Ghadban, an agriculture engineer and expert in community based participatory approaches.

The policy document was considered one of the successful deliverables of the project especially that it  was the first time after 70 years ,that the WUA of Anjar comes with a concrete written water policy to improve the management of its water resources and committees to apply it.

The project that was launched in 2013 aims to restore Hima Ecosystem functions through promoting sustainable community based water management systems.The project objectives include:

1-Improving the management of water quality and quantity used for agriculture from the canals, wells and wetlands in both Anjar and Kfar Zabad Himas.

2- Promoting the sustainable, community based practice of water use for Agriculture by the farmers of Anjar and Kfar Zabad.

3- Improving the valuation and appreciation of the Hima water ecosystems in Anjar and Kfar Zabad IBA for people and nature.

The following project focused on transferring the traditional experience of the Anjar Water Users Association in the management of water for agricultural purposes through the traditional open canal system to Kfar Zabad farmers, where it will promote the good governance and wise use of water for people and nature.

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