SPNL promoting Hima at LUSH SUMMIT 2018

Do you find the world an unsettling place these days? listen to Assad Serhal, Managing Director of SPNL-Society for the Protection of the Nature in Lebanon, promoting the Hima approach during LUSH SUMMIT 2018.

Held on the 14th and 15th of February 2018, Lush Summit 2018, is the annual convention hosted by the cosmetics brand. Whatever you care about, the Summit’s the place to make it count.  SPNL was invited to sit in on a hotbed of discussion, debate, activism and action, from campaigners and grassroots voices across the globe.

Serhal’s presentation highlighted the tailored approach to be followed by SPNL to promote HIMA principles at the heart of the private sector. It showcases how sustainable development criteria and the values and principles of HIMA are synonymous. In fact, the HIMA approach goes beyond and tackles current issues facing today’s societies globally.

HIMA caters for peace, conflict resolution, social cohesion, empowerment of women and youth, all of which are at the very heart of the mission that LUSH, West Beqaa Country Club, BioLand; other SPNL Private Sector Partners, trying to achieve.

Lush Summit 2018 topics spanning human rights, animal rights, and the environment. This is a digital event, which means you can join thousands of other like-minded changemakers across the globe as you tune in to Lush Player to learn more about the charities and organisations making a difference in 2018.

Learn more: http://player.lush.com/

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