SPNL Secures a New Project on Water Resources Management


SPNL attended an Inception workshop on the 9th and 10th of June that was held in Rabat, Morocco for the launching of a new project “Regional Knowledge Network on Systemic Approaches to Water Resources Management” funded by the European Union. It is a three year regional project led by IUCN working in five countries (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco) through its partner organizations where its main goal is to promote systemic approaches to integrated water resource management, throughout the region among researchers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders with an interest in this domain. The Network will have a nodal structure. This means that it will make use of already existing national and regional networks and integrate these networks into a well organized cluster of networks with the specific objective to extract and disseminate the aforementioned systemic approaches. Everyone and every institution that has information to share and/or is looking for such information can become a member of the Network. In this way, the Network will in particular enrich and strengthen the experience gained in specific demonstration projects in selected countries. In this context, the workshop highlighted the main activities that should be done throughout the project duration starting by setting a common vision for all team countries as well as defining the missions and strategies of each country team to achieve the desired outcomes.In addition, the project will provide knowledge onfour thematic areas that were agreed upon between the country teams and will be initiated in the next phase of the project.

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