We welcome Art Designer Sara Richani to the team!

IMG_8007This year Sara Richani has joined the expanding team at SPNL as our Art Designer.
Sara studied interior design at AUST. She’s passionate about art, design and architecture. She’s an animal lover and a big fan of nature.

The first project that Sara started with was the interior design of the “Souk AlHima Atelier” an SPNL initiative supported by SPNL partners including UN-Women, EU and MAVA foundation, the municipality of Anjar and Anjar Armenian Red Cross.
“I was lucky enough to find the opportunity working with SPNL combining both nature and design. I’m proud to be part of SPNL team who work hard to conserve nature and support people through implementing the Hima approach” Sara commented after receiving a warm welcome from SPNL.

“Souk AlHima Atelier”

IMG_3359 IMG_3386 IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3400 IMG_3405

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