Empowerment of women through vocational training on carpet weaving

Through the presence of the municipality of Anjar and Fekha villages and the local community, SPNL has recently concluded the project titled “Vocational Trainings on Carpet Weaving in el-Fekha Village and pruning in Aanjar/Kfar Zabad” which was funded by OTI Lebanon. This took place through a closing ceremony reception which was held in each of Anjar and in Fekhaa villages separately on 24 June 2014.

The following project aimed at promoting economic development by offering alternative income generating activities for women and young farmers , thus mitigating the Syrian crisis tensions in those area & reducing resource and economic strains on the affected Hima communities.

The OTI Hima Alfekha project was built on the UN Women initiative aiming to empower the leadership role of rural women and revive the production of traditional hand made carpets.

OTI contributed to disseminating this craft to a bigger group of women thus boosting their livelihoods, where around 30 Lebanese and Syrian women were trained on how to weave handmade carpets from natural wool. They were also provided by the needed equipment (wooden loom, metal loom, weaving wheel, scissors, and comb). However in Hima Anjar, the project benefited around 30 Lebanese and Syrian men who were trained on new pruning techniques where trainees were provided with the pruning equipment too.

The participants demonstrated a high level of learning skills. The participants were able to learn various decorative designs on carpet weaving. Most of them mastered the typical Lebanese pattern. Also the trainer taught the trainees on how to make various facial designs on carpets.

The closing ceremony was concluded by the distribution of certificates to the trained participants.


Carpet Weaving in el-Fekha Village

Pruning in Aanjar/Kfar Zabad

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El-Fekha Traditional CarpetsPruning trees

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