How Homat Al Hima is protecting Anjar’s Riparian forest

By Berj Tumberian

Back in 2013 16th of August, when this small, two hectare Riparian forest in Hima Anjar, the home for the threatened river otter and many other bird species, was given to be controlled by the municipality of Anjar instead of the ministry of agriculture, and all that because of the voluntary work of the youth in cleaning it up from the solid waste covering the forest, and the river accumulated for several years due to uncontrolled and random camping activities of the non responsible visitors.

Cleaning Campaign in 2012


Cleaning Campaign in 2012
Cleaning Campaign in 2013


Cleaning Campaign in 2013


Cleaning Campaign in 2014
Cleaning Campaign in 2016

First and most crucial work was to fence the forest to prevent any illegal passing in, meanwhile more cleanup campaigns were held until reaching for a stage where the land is completely clean while the river is almost.

Today this forest is one of the rare riparian forests found in Lebanon considering its flora and fauna diversity and its spectacular natural sights which is strictly preserved and conserved by the Homat al Hima (HH) who are encouraged by SPNL and municipality of Anjar.

Can’t wait for the official opening of this special and one of a kind Hima in Lebanon and the Middle East region, for Responsible Fishing Area ( RFA ).
Can’t wait to witness the visits of nature-based tourists, and the canoes being used to tour the wetlands under the guidance and supervision of Homat Al Hima, using the safety skills the team acquired in addition to the other skills provided by SPNL professionals for Anjar Homat Al Hima .

Our hope is that Homat Al Hima team will continue to make this site a role model, for the rest of the Himas, where the conservation meets development, to assure sustainability.
We certainly can’t thank enough, our SPNL main Partners MAVA & EU for supporting our Youth work at the Hima , and the Homat Al Hima team.

Hima Sustainability could be assured through the capacity building of Hima Youth, and the empowerment of motivated young from the local communities.
Homat Al Hima (HH) are intrinsic to the Hima communities, the same villages and towns are inbred and inborn. The experiences Nature and Biodiversity bring to people are mainly local.

Hima Anjar Homat Al Hima are the role model for other Himas , where Hima various activities from research, monitoring, site action to visitor management is being lead and organized by the Local Conservation Group & Homat Al Hima leaders.

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