Wings & Waves Newsletter July 2016


For his kindness and devotion, and for his endless support to SPNL
Dr. Hoffmann’s life and achievements serve to highlight the bright side of human nature . You shan’t be forgotten

Creating meaningful maps just got easier Using Tahaki Platform. Recently SPNl created two maps. The first one is related to Lebanon’s Important Bird Areas and the second is related to SPNL’s projects mapping platform.
Tahaki is online free social mapping platform for NGOs in the Middle East and North Africa region to map their data and engage their communities.

Mediterranean Consortium Midyear workshop in Guadalaviar – Spain

SPNL team has participated on the Mediterranean Consortium Midyear workshop that was held in Guadalaviar Spain from July 10 to July 14 2016. The Constortium’s Spanish Partner Tranhumancia y Naturalezea made sure to host the workshop in Guadalaviar for it is the key location for transhumance and home for one of the chief museums on Transhumance in Spain. Discussions on the progress, the current status and the coming activities of the project from the entire team were held successfully by the entire team.

Homat Al Hima trip to “Darb Al Maaz”

By Zaynab Rady

Lebanon is dealing with unprecedented spike in illegal hunting, overexploiting wildlife resource. Illegal hunting is one of the biggest threats to the living ecosystem and natural necessities. The evils of illegal hunting could be a chief cause of species population and potential extinction. Actually, we must face the truth that we are killers of those other species of life that share this small planet with us. Accordingly, it is necessary to learn how to live in peace and harmony with each other and with nature. Every now and then thousands of wildlife species particularly birds are being threatened illegally.

Forest issues take the stage at IUCN World Conservation Congress

This September, an estimated 10,000 people will converge on the Hawai‘i Convention Center in Honolulu to exchange conservation ideas, discuss pressing issues and learn from one another at the IUCN World Conservation Conference. Forests will be at the top of the agenda for many – and dozens of talks, workshops, and formal presentations will stimulate forest-minded participants.

Pelican hotline

By Shaun Hurrell,

The gentle giants at Lake Skadar, between Albania and Montenegro, are now video-monitored 24hrs a day and threats can be addressed in real-time. With local communities embracing all things pelican, and nesting success increasing, the time of the pelican is coming again.

Lead: bad for birds and people

By Wouter Langhout

Lead is bad for you. Already in Roman times, people were apparently experiencing the harmful effects of consuming lead, which was then used as a sweetener for wine. Logically, over time, the use of lead has become more and more restricted, and its use in gasoline and jewellery is banned in the EU.

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