The Story of Vahe and the Otter

As part of the Hima programe funded by Mava Foundation and the European Union SPNL produced an educational book in four languages (English, Arabic, French , and Armenian). The Book titled” The Story of Vahe and the Otter” describes the story of  little Vahe and his dad who decided to go hunting.

After a long hike across the forest, the father shouldered his rifle and prepared to target.

Vahe was amusing himself by jumping on the rocks, when suddenly he stumbled and fell into the river. His father, busy tracking the serin, did not see Vahe fall! The current was very strong on that day and it carried Vahe away. His calls for help were covered by the gunshots.

The serin; defying its fear, tried to grab the attention of the father by flying over the river but, in vain! The otter, who was dozing a few meters away, raised its small ear, opened its small eyes, stretched and wobbled its fur.

The otter heard the secret song of the serin, and quickly understood that the boy was in danger. Without any hesitation, the otter swam to save Vahe. « Hold on to my fur! » whispered the otter. Vahe held the fur with confidence and the otter swam bravely away from the current! The otter, was moved by the touch of the human hand that clung to his body.

The book includes drawings and educational practices that helps children to know more about the importance of protecting endangered animals and birds.


Produced By: Society for the protection of Nature in Lebanon – SPNL

Writer / Écrivain: Maguy Nasser Hage

Illustrations and Layout: Léna Farran

With the help from: Dalia Jawhary, André Béchara, Nathalie Kendirjian, Andrée Vérès, and SARI – Lebanon

Download the English and French Version

Download the Arabic and Armenian Version 






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