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SPNL Launches The Hima Guideline Manual

The Hima Guideline Manual provides information on the Medscapes project, its aim and vision, and highlights briefly the content of the different work packages. The Manual, and as the title inters, focuses on the Hima approach and states the history, functions, and the revival of the concept by SPNL and its adoption by many national and international organizations.

By Assad Serhal – SPNL Director General 

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Hima and Landscape Management

SPNL produced a video for the Medscapes project. the video focuses on several activities implemented during the project term on implementing and adapting the Hima approach to European context.

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Places matter, they map our lives

An EU funded project to develop Landscape Character Assessment, as a tool for the effective conservation of natural heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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The report profile and celebrate conservation hero Dalia Al Jawhary of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon for her commitment to conservation and communities in a country rich in biodiversity but riven with conflict and struggle.

MAVA celebrate conservation hero Dalia Al Jawhary

Mava Foundation Annual Report filled with more conservation success stories from partners.

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Byblos is now officially the 17th hima for Lebanon

Byblos is now officially SPNL 17th hima for Lebanon , and our 2nd World Heritage Site hima after Hima Anjar. The agreement of the Hima announcement took place in the municipality of Byblos with the presence of SPNL team and Ayoub Bark the municipality vice president.

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During the visit Dalia Jawhary, Hima Programme manager introduced Dr. Waterbury to several SPNL  initiatives in both Anjar and Kfarzabad

Waterbury joins SPNL Homat al-Hima Activity in Anjar-Kfarzabad Hima

Dr . John Waterbury, former AUB President, visited Hima Anjar Kfarzabad in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon, accompanied by Dr. Ghassan Jaradi for bird watching in the Hima sites.

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If you have escaped to the wetlands to enjoy the beauty of Hima Anjar and KfarZabad then try out  Canoes that will take up to two adults, making them a brilliant way of exploring the lake.

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Hiking in Hima Anjar

The Homenetmen junior football team came for a hike in Hima Anjar mountains, invited by Hrair Kurdian. The group  did a three hours hike (long trail) with a beautiful breakfast stop.

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Snow program hosts the Third Voice for Lebanon in Hima Kfarzabad

 The Third voice for Lebanon remitted the prize for the winners in the frame of the inter school competition launched in celebration of the International day of peace.

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Hima: A methodology for Local Involvement in Distinctive Landscape Management

SPNL organized a seminar at the Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel . The aim of the seminar was to present the results of the work done in the Medscapes project highlighting work package 6 which focuses on the Hima approach as a methodology for Local Involvement in Distinctive Landscape Management.

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Participate in the photo contest MED-PHARES

The main theme is the lighthouses, semaphores and maritime signaling systems of our coastline. In particular, pictures submitted in the contest must refer to one of the following geographical areas: Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon.

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Energy Awareness Awards

Applications close on April 11th, 2016.
Eligible applicants are public and private institutions and organizations including businesses, civil society and academic sector with demonstrated interventions in the field of energy management.

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The Story of Vahe and the Otter

As part of the Hima programe funded by Mava Foundation and the European Union SPNL produced an educational book in four languages (English, Arabic, French , and Armenian). The Book titled” The Story of Vahe and the Otter” describes the story of  little Vahe and his dad who decided to go hunting.

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Marine Heritage Lebanon’s Lighthouses Linking culture to nature

SPNL is trying to preserve and maintain the coastal heritage of Lebanon and its historical landmarks while drawing the attention to the plight of these beacons.




The Mediterranean monk seal is one of the world’s most endangered marine mammals, with fewer than 600 individuals currently surviving. It is believed to be the world’s rarest pinniped species.



By Bassam Alkantar – * SPNL media campaigner

Live and let fly … the happy end of the Golan’s Vulture trip to Lebanon

An incident that went viral in the social media last month, shows that despite the dramatic situation in Lebanon, a light of hope exist.

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Preliminary assessment of the scope and scale of illegal killing and taking of birds in the Mediterranean

The scientific paper on illegal killing of birds in the Mediterranean titled “Preliminary assessment of the scope and scale of illegal killing and taking of birds in the Mediterranean” was  published online in the journal Bird Conservation International.

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By Stuart Butchart,

Eight million birds killed illegally at 20 Mediterranean locations each year

Scientists from BirdLife International estimate that 20 locations in the Mediterranean may be responsible for eight million individual birds being illegally killed or taken alive each year.

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By Stuart Butchart,

Moving 2015’s historic agreements into action: IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

Take advantage of discounted rates. Register before 31 May 2016 and follow the detailed login instructions to ensure you receive the best rate.

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